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Your Home Can Survive a Wildfire! DVD
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    Decades of research shows that there IS something you can do to keep your home from igniting during a wildfire and this new DVD, Your Home Can Survive a Wildfire!, shows that sometimes it's the little things that count the most to keep your home safe from a wildfire. During the chaos of a wildfire, these little things might go unnoticed and turn into a big problem for a home and neighborhood. If your home doesn't ignite, it can't burn.

    Dr. Jack Cohen, Physical Research Scientist, offers his insight as he assesses a home and its vulnerability to a wildfire.

    Supported by new research, this video is a must to see and to share with others during Firewise® days, events or other community presentations.

    Audience: Homeowners and Residents, Wildland Mitigation Specialists, Emergency Response personnel, Insurance Professionals, Firewise State Liaisons, Community Planners

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