The Story of Sparky Educator Set

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    Everything an educator needs to lead a lesson on the value of fire safety and prevention with Sparky the Fire Dog®. This valuable set includes the large-format Educator Edition of The Story of Sparky the Fire Dog, complete with lesson plan, a 30-pack of student-sized books, and the new Sparky the Fire Dog Stuffy plush toy. 

    The Story of Sparky Educator Set is for fire and life safety educators who teach preschool, kindergarten, and early grade school students. You use the components in conjunction to have the maximum impact on learners.

    This valuable set includes everything you need to make learning about fire safety fun and informative:

    • The Story of Sparky the Fire Dog, Educator Edition, is ready for you to read to a group—in-person or virtually—with its large, easy-to-see size. At the end is a lesson plan to walk you through the valuable teachings this book can inspire.
    • The Story of Sparky the Fire Dog 30-pack of books is a favorite of young children. They can read along with you or practice on their own.
    • The Sparky the Fire Dog Stuffy plush toy is a hit with both children and adults. What fire safety lesson is complete without Sparky The Fire Dog®?
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