Stallcup's Journeyman Electrician's Study Guide, 2011 Edition

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    Author: James G. Stallcup

    With Stallcup's® Journeyman Electrician's Study Guide, you'll know what to expect so you can pass your test the first time!

    Based on the 2011 National Electrical Code® and written by renowned electrical author, trainer, and Code expert James G. Stallcup, this skill-building tool has more than 1,500 sample exam questions broken down by subject to help you measure your knowledge and identify areas needing further review. This comprehensive Study Guide's detailed explanations and illustrations provide reader-friendly discussions on how to determine the right answer.

    Prepare for success with sample tests on the full range of topics covered on most Journeyman exams, including:

    • Electrical theory
    • Direct current circuits
    • Alternating current circuits
    • Applying formulas
    • Wiring methods
    • Conductor ampacities
    • Overcurrent protection devices
    • Residential calculations
    • Commercial calculations

    Order today and use Stallcup's numerous tips, strategies, examples, calculations, and step-by-step solutions to prepare to confidently tackle your Journeyman exam and advance your career. (Softbound, 480 pp., 2011)

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