Sparky's Get Cookin' with Fire Safety DVD
Item #: VC112DVD
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  • Description

    Stir up the fun while you give kids and families the ingredients for fire safety done right!

    Kids have such a blast devouring every kitchen safety tip Sparky® and his relatives can serve up! First up in NFPA®'s Sparky's Get Cooking with Fire Safety DVD is Safety Scout Steve, a junior fire dog in training who interviews a real chef to learn the rules so he can earn his kitchen fire safety merit badge.

    Next, the action shifts to Dude who provides comic relief as he tries to get a date at the pet store. Little does Dude know that Aunt Dotty has arranged a secret dinner date for him! As she prepares the meal in her kitchen, this smart cookie explains how to avoid stirring up trouble when it comes to cooking. A lively song by Sparky, who reviews the safety messages and reminds kids that kitchen rules are your safety tools, concludes the action-packed video! Among the lessons Sparky and his fur family teach young children and their families are:

    • Proper distance young children must keep from the stove.
    • When it's okay to use a microwave.
    • Safest way to open containers with hot food.
    • What to do if you do get a burn -- and who to ask for help pronto!

    Order this fun-filled DVD today! It makes a great tool for helping fire safety come alive at station open houses, and community outreach activities. It has all the right ingredients to encourage kids to get cookin' with fire safety!

    (Perfect for Grades 6 and Up, 12 min., DVD)