2014 Sparky's Activity Book and Pencils Value Pack

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Item #: SET202
Price: $45.00
  • Description

    Sparky®'s Activity Book and Pencils Value Pack is the easiest way to take kids on an exciting fire safety learning adventure!

    Team up with NFPA® for convenience and great value! Pair Sparky's Activity Book with colorful Sparky Neon Pencils and show children just how much fun it can be to learn how to prevent and respond to fire.

    Redesigned with new interactive fire safety games and engaging puzzles, Sparky's Activity Book puts key fire safety messages within easy reach, so kids will learn how to prevent and respond to fire dangers. All new for 2014, this smart educational tool challenges and entertains as it conveys life-saving information.

    Brightly colored Sparky Neon Pencils complete the Value Pack and are the perfect tool for kids to use as they:

    • Solve the word search smoke alarm challenge.
    • Complete a fire safety checklist for their family.
    • Develop their own smoke alarm comic.
    • Spot the differences in colorful Sparky visuals.
    • Unscramble Sparky's cryptogram.
    • Solve the mysterious case of the missing battery.
    • Take on a math challenge.
    • Find hidden pics while learning about kitchen safety.
    • Complete fire safety mazes.
    • Create Sparky crafts...and more!

    Displaying four important messages -- Get Out! Stay Out!...Stop, Drop and Roll...Sparky's Team...and Play Safe! Stay Safe! -- Sparky Pencils are a fun reminder to follow safety rules.

    Order this Value Pack today and provide hours of fun and learning about how to stay fire safe. (Grade 2-4, Package of 30 Activity Books and 100 Neon Pencils)

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