Sparky®'s ABCs of Fire Safety DVD + Sparky's ABCs of Fire Safety Comic Books Set

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  • Description

    Sparky®'s ABCs of Fire Safety DVD and companion Sparky's ABCs of Fire Safety Comic Books give kids a great start in understanding the importance of smoke alarms.

    NFPA®'s exciting new journey of fire safety discovery for little learners features the Sparky the Fire Dog® puppet, who leads kids on a journey into Letterland, a magical world where anything is possible! Using a fun song, Sparky helps children remember what to do when the smoke alarm sounds. The action-packed program ends with a director's cut of laugh-out-loud bloopers and a short Sparky "Pup Quiz."

    After showing the video, reinforce the lessons by handing out the engaging and colorful 16-page comic that children will enjoy reading and looking at with caregivers. Sparky's ABCs of Fire Safety Comic Books are sure to get rave reviews.

    With this Set, kids will learn fire safety is as easy as A, B, C!

    • A is for Alarms that let you know there's a fire in your home.
    • B is for Beep, Beep, Beep the sound a smoke alarm makes.
    • C is for Calm, as in calmly get outside when the smoke alarm sounds.
    • H is for Have two ways out of every room.
    • I is for it's Important to get outside and stay outside until help arrives.

    Sparky keeps viewers riveted on key messages, so they absorb concepts in multiple ways for maximum impact.

    From K is for Know the fire department's number is P is for Practice your family's home fire escape drill, this engaging DVD and companion comic books are sure to be a hit!

    Order the Sparky's ABCs of Fire Safety DVD and Comic Books Set and make fire safety come alive at all your station open houses and community outreach activities. This Set strikes all the right notes for ensuring kids have fun while learning how to respond to the sound of the smoke alarm! (DVD Grade Pre-K-1, Families, Approx. 11 min.; Comic Grade 1-3, Package of 30)

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