Sparky's ABCs of Fire Safety Comic Books

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    Fire Safety is as easy as A-B-C!

    Sparky®'s ABCs of Fire Safety Comic Books take the dynamic fire-safety essentials from the best-selling DVD and brings them to life in this comic book kids will love!

    Sparky is off on another exciting adventure, leading kids on a journey into Letterland -- a magical world where letters spring to life in a colorful and captivating way to teach fire-safe behavior -- from A to Z. Sparky's catchy words and cool phrases help children remember what to do when the smoke alarm sounds while delivering other smart lessons, including:

    • Having a meeting place.
    • Practicing the escape plan twice a year.
    • Calling 9-1-1.
    • Get outside and stay outside.

    Everything you love about the Sparky the Fire Dog®'s ABCs of Fire Safety DVD has been translated into an engaging and colorful 16-page comic that children will enjoy reading again and again. Kids love comics and kids love Sparky, making this a winning combination!

    Order today! Use this colorful comic to reinforce concepts introduced in the video or... use it on its own or even as a giveaway for your outreach activities. Sparky's ABCs of Fire Safety Comic Books gets four paws up!

    (Perfect for Grades 1-3, 20pp., 4-color, Package of 30)

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