Sparky the Fire Dog Kids’ Prevention Pack

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    Sparky the Fire Dog® Kids' Prevention Packs make learning about fire safety fun for kids.

    Master the art of captivating young audiences with Sparky the Fire Dog Kids' Prevention Packs loaded with our most popular National Fire Protection Association® handouts for children. These brightly colored craft supplies and educational materials feature Sparky the Fire Dog®, the loveable character dedicated to teaching kids and families how to prevent and stay safe in the event of a fire.

    Whether you're handing out Kids' Prevention Packs at daycare, camp, youth group, or school visits, at firehouse tours, or at any other event, there's plenty to keep the littlest members of your community engaged. Plus, every time kids play with their gifts, they'll be reminded of the importance of learning about fire prevention and safety.

    Sparky the Fire Dog Kids’ Prevention Packs include:

    • Sparky® Crayons — Fire Engine Red, Caution Yellow, Safety Green, and Water Blue crayons are perfect for use with NFPA® coloring books and pads.
    • Sparky® Mood Pencils — These color-changing pencils get kids in the right mood for all sorts of inspiring creative activities.
    • Spark® Coloring Book — Sparky Coloring Book provides the ideal canvas for young artists to learn about staying safe from fire through words and pictures.
    • Sparky® Activity Books — never been more entertaining to learn life-saving information and strategies than through games, puzzles, and secret messages in Sparky Activity Book.
    • Sparky® Fire Hats — These bright red fire hats give kids the chance to dress like their firefighting heroes.

    Kids's Prevention Pack bundles are an excellent value and help turn children into lifelong fire safety advocates.

    Be ready to wow kids during Fire Prevention Week™ and throughout the year by stocking up on Sparky the Fire Dog Kids' Prevention Packs. (Qty: 30 packs of crayons, 100 mood pencils, 30 coloring books, 30 activity books, 30 fire hats)

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