Sparky Outdoor Activity Set

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    Take your fire safety event to the next level with the Sparky® Outdoor Activity Set.

    Kids have fun learning about fire prevention and emergency preparedness when Sparky the Fire Dog® is the one leading the lessons. The Sparky Outdoor Activity Set includes everything you need to generate attention and engage young audiences during Fire Prevention Week™ and at gatherings throughout the year.

    This set of National Fire Protection Association® promotional and educational items is ideal for hosting pre-school and grade-school students, youth groups, camps, public gatherings, and outdoor events. The lessons learned last a lifetime and help inspire new generations of fire safety advocates.

    The Sparky Outdoor Activity Set includes:

    • Sparky® Flag – This 4-foot by 6-foot Sparky the Fire Dog Flag raises awareness and lifts the spirit of event attendees and people throughout your community.
    • Sparky Flying Disc – Use these fabric flying discs with an image of Sparky® as a fun giveaway that helps spread the word about fire prevention.
    • Fire Safety Activities for Your Team Sports Brochure – These easy to follow activity sheets are filled with races, games, and group activities that show what to do if you hear a smoke alarm.

    This bundle is great for promoting outdoor events and providing giveaways that teach valuable lessons and start conversations around fire prevention and safety.

    Get your department ready for Fire Prevention Week™ and beyond. Place your order for the Sparky Outdoor Activity Set today! (Qty: 1 flag, 25 discs, 1 activity brochure)

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