Sparky Fire Hats 3 30-Pack Sets - Black

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Item #: HATBST
Price: $115.50
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    These popular handouts are an excellent way for fire departments to connect with youth in their community.

    The new Sparky® Fire Hats 3 30-Pack Sets - Black is an even more exciting giveaway for kids because it’s closer in appearance to the protective equipment real firefighters wear. Include them in your goodie bags or hand them out to ensure success at all your fire safety education programs.

    What better way to grab a group of children's attention than giving them a hat that makes them feel like part of the fire department.

    Sparky Fire Hats 3 30-Pack Sets - Black feature the loveable NFPA mascot dedicated to teaching kids and families fire safety at home. There’s even a place on the front of the hat for children to display their name. This set includes three packs of 30 hats for a total of 90 at a discounted price compared to purchasing separately.

    The new 2020 Sparky Fire Hats 3 30-Pack Sets - Black puts a topper on any event!

    Ensure your home and kitchen fire safety lessons are received well by giving kids a handout they are going to love. Sparky Fire Hats 3 30-Pack Sets in black are a great addition to your other giveaways and goodie bags, or as a standalone you can distribute throughout the year. Stock up today. (Pre-K–Grade 2. | Qty 90 | Black)

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