Smoke Alarms are Important Brochures

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    Teach kids what to do when the smoke alarm sounds.

    Ready, set, sound the alarm! Be proactive and teach kids in your community that smoke alarms are important to have in their home. Help kids understand the dangers associated with smoke and why working smoke alarms throughout the house (including every bedroom) can be important with NFPA®'s Smoke Alarms are Important Brochures.

    Inside this colorful, easy-to-read brochure is a fun-filled, fill-in-the-blank word activity with follow-up questions that help kids learn what to do when the smoke alarm sounds as well as the basics about smoke alarms, and fire-safe behaviors that can save lives. This popular NFPA brochure has kids creating their own home fire escape plan! Because you can never be too safe, even grown-ups get a special lesson in where to place smoke alarms.

    As an added BONUS, kids love singing and dancing to the catchy Beep, Beep, Beep online music video and learning the upbeat original song so they can sing along with Sparky -- it could save the day! Each brochure also features the song lyrics. Meets Common Core standards. Order today!

    (Perfect for Grades 1-3, Package of 100)

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