2013 PYR 1128 Standard

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    The 2013 edition of PYR 1128: Standard Method of Fire Tests for Flame Breaks, is provided for historical reference only. This edition of PYR 1128 was withdrawn by Standards Council Decision #14-1. In Decision #14-1, the Standards Council directed that NFPA® cease all standards development activity regarding the retail sale and storage of consumer fireworks.


  • Table of Contents (2013 Edition)

    PYR 1128 Standard Method of Fire Test for Flame Breaks, 2013 Edition

    Chapter 1 Administration
    1.1 Scope
    1.2 Purpose
    1.3 Application
    Chapter 2 Referenced Publications
    2.1 General
    2.2 NFPA Publications
    2.3 Other Publications
    2.4 References for Extracts in Mandatory Sections (Reserved)
    Chapter 3 Definitions
    3.1 General
    3.2 NFPA Official Definitions
    3.3 General Definitions
    Chapter 4 Fire Test Setup
    4.1 Test Sample Supporting Structure
    4.2 Flame Break Test Sample
    4.3 Test Sample Conditioning
    4.4 Test Furnace
    Chapter 5 Control of Fire Test
    5.1 Time-Temperature Curve
    5.2 Furnace Temperatures
    5.3 Accuracy of Furnace Control
    5.4 Furnace Pressure
    5.5 Duration of Test
    5.6 Test Parameter
    Chapter 6 Determination of Flame Break Rating
    6.1 Flame Break Rating
    Chapter 7 Test Report
    7.1 Test Report
    7.2 Markings
    Annex A Explanatory Material
    Annex B Informational References
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