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  • Description

    Give your team the most advanced tool for accessing code-related information fast and efficiently.

    NFPA LiNK® is a digital platform that unlocks the knowledge of NFPA® codes and standards when, where, and how you need them. This digital tool helps teams save time and be more effective and competitive by delivering reliable information on demand. NFPA LiNK puts everyone on a single platform where you can curate the content you require, share across projects and groups, and better prepare for your workday.

    You will have access to NFPA codes and standards, as well as visual aids and relevant information. For a list of codes in NFPA LiNK right now, click here. The right information, right when you need it. Put your capabilities on the cutting edge by subscribing to NFPA LiNK today.

    NFPA LiNK meets you where you are with the right information and provides the ability to:

    • Seamlessly navigate to the content you need in real time—NFPA LiNK is a tool that you can bring wherever your work takes you. Log in from a variety of devices and intuitively search for information by real-life scenario or keyword across publications. Whether you are on the job site, in the office, or anywhere in between, your team will have access to the right answers they need at their fingertips.
    • Customize and share your digital workspace—User management features let you add up to 10 members to your team and keep individuals connected on an organized digital platform. Create custom collections for you and your team based on project specifications, bookmark frequently referenced sections, make notes for yourself and/or for your team, save, and share—what your content and information look like is up to you.
    • Perform to a higher standard and set your team apart—Spend less time trying to find the resources you need and more time getting the job done right. With NFPA LiNK, you can navigate directly to your and your team's bookmarked content or quickly search for answers based on your current situation. The platform is designed to make it easy to review content, apply knowledge, and follow guidance as you work.
    • Work faster and more economically—The ability to cite, reference, and share content on the spot helps minimize work delays and reduces the costs of noncompliance. With internet connectivity, team members can get answers to their questions without having to head back to the office or vehicle to gather information.
    • Be confident that you have access to the most trusted and reliable source—Show potential clients you are the right partner by demonstrating you have the best expertise in the industry. NFPA LiNK delivers information from the building, fire, and life safety codes.. No matter where you are or what you are working on, this innovative tool from NFPA helps keep your team ahead of the competition.

    Take sharing, collaboration, and productivity to the next level. Put your team on the cutting edge by signing up for NFPA LiNK today.

  • NFPA LiNK System Requirements

    NFPA LiNK® is compatible with the following web browsers: Chrome 80+, Safari 13+, Edge 18+, Firefox 73+,
    Internet Explorer 11+.

    Some features may not behave as intended if used with other browsers.

  • NFPA LiNK License Agreement

    In order to use the NFPA LiNK® subscription service, you must first read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

    NFPA LiNK End User License Agreement

  • Refund Policy

    NFPA LiNK® is considered a non-returnable, non-refundable item under the current NFPA refund policy.

  • Also in NFPA 70: National Electrical Code (NEC)