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    Introducing your new go-to tool for accessing the information in NFPA® codes and standards, on demand.

    NFPA LiNK™ is a customizable digital platform that helps you work faster and more effectively by providing direct access to codes, standards, related content, expert commentary, and visual aids when and where you need it.

    NFPA LiNK™ provides a competitive advantage by allowing you to:

    • Access the information you require from anywhere—You can log onto NFPA LiNK™ using a variety of devices from wherever you can connect to the Internet. Having a solution in the palm of your hands means you can quickly find information and keep working without having to head back to your office or vehicle to dig through your code books.
    • Tailor your content to meet your unique needs—NFPA LiNK™ delivers a personalized experience to ensure you have the most relevant content at your fingertips. Bookmark, customize, and share the materials you need to reference for your jobs, so you are always able to provide accurate information every step of the way. You can input personal notations, bookmark sections, and create collections for a truly customized platform.

    Complete work to your high standards.

    Navigate through code content based on the situation you are facing to quickly find the information you need to keep your project moving forward with speed and accuracy. 

    • Raise the bar—Get the most trusted and reliable information directly from the building, fire, and life safety codes.
    • Save time and money—Whether you are concerned with the cost of noncompliance or minimizing work delays and staying in front of deadlines, NFPA LiNK™ promotes increased productivity. You benefit from a digital platform that goes wherever you need to cite, reference, and share code information and resources.
    • Innovative new technology from the source you know and trust—There is confidence in knowing you are getting the expertise and support you need to perform your job safely, protect lives and property, and stand out from the competition. NFPA LiNK™ is our boldest innovation yet, and it will continue to expand in content and features to redefine how you work in the digital age.

    You will have access to the codes below, as well as visual aids and relevant information. The right information, right when you need it. Put your capabilities on the cutting edge by subscribing to NFPA LiNK™ today.

    • The four most recent editions of NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code® (NEC®)
    • NFPA 70E®, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace® (2021)
    • NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code®
    • NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code (2021)
    • NFPA 1, Fire Code (2021)
    • NFPA 54, National Fuel Gas Code (2021)
    • NFPA 921, Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations (2021)
    • NFPA 96, Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection (2021)
    • NFPA 30, Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code (2021)
    • NFPA 79, Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery (2021)
  • NFPA LiNK System Requirements

    NFPA LiNK is compatible with the following web browsers: Chrome 80+, Safari 13+, Edge 18+, Firefox 73+,
    Internet Explorer 11+.

    Some features may not behave as intended if used with other browsers.

  • NFPA LiNK License Agreement

    In order to use this subscription service, you must first read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

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    NFPA LiNK is considered a non-returnable, non-refundable item under the current NFPA refund policy.

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