NFPA Inspection Manual with Checklists, 1999 Spanish Edition

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Item #: 99NECCLE
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    This breakthrough guide from NFPA helps inspectors conduct--and contractors pass--electrical inspections -- in Spanish!

    The Spanish edition of NFPA® Electrical Inspection Manual with Checklists spells out inspection points of the full range of electrical installations. More than a valuable guide for today's electrical inspectors, it's a unique inspection planner and organizational tool that every contractor and project manager needs!

    Checklists are included for the full range of residential, commercial, and industrial installations.

    The spiral-bound Inspection Manual is divided into 11 general chapters, including Grounding; Residential (featuring expanded lists for rough and finish inspections); and Commercial and Industrial Inspections. Each chapter contains multiple comprehensive Checklists used for conducting specific inspections.

    You can easily extract the information you need.

    For a broad perspective on passing inspections, see the chapter Overviews and lists of Key Terms. Expert NEC® users can begin with chapter Summaries and lists of Key Questions. And by using the book's handy printed "tabs" as guides, you'll quickly find the explanatory material that's provided for each numbered Checklist item. (Spiralbound, 450 pp., 1999 Spanish Edition)