NFPA 99 and NFPA 101 Codes and Handbooks Toolkit

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    Validate your working knowledge of building construction and life safety fundamentals. The NFPA 99 & NFPA 101® Codes and Handbooks Toolkit delivers the information and instruction critical to helping to protect lives and property in your community.

    Possessing a thorough understanding of benchmark codes for facility construction and operations helps to ensure you're equipped to make more accurate safety decisions in the built environment. The NFPA 99 & NFPA 101 Codes and Handbooks Toolkit provides foundational building and life safety information along with resources and reference materials designed to help you extract practical answers and apply elements of the codes confidently and correctly.

    This dual codebook and handbook bundle offers comprehensive coverage of essential subject matter developed by industry experts with the keystone materials to comply with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements.

    The NFPA 99 & NFPA 101 Codes and Handbooks Toolkit is offered at a 20% discount off the full price of materials and includes the following editions:

    • 2012 NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code represents a cutting edge approach to comprehensive health care facility safety. This valuable asset for any stakeholder who plays a role in safeguarding health care occupancies provides a risk-based framework for establishing clear, adoptable, and enforceable performance criteria for facility operations and procedures. (Print, 211 pp., 2012)
    • 2012 NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code Handbook offers in-depth answers and explanations of the NFPA 99 code to help ensure you're aware of requirements, in compliance, and prepared to apply instruction on the job successfully. This powerful learning aid includes expert insights, background and supplemental information, practical guidance and examples, and over 500 full-color visuals to clarify complex concepts. (Print, 648 pp., 2012)
    • 2012 NFPA 101, Life Safety Code® provides complete coverage of occupant safety requirements and strategies for helping to protect buildings and structures in the event of a fire or related threats. Take a deep dive into topics ranging from alarms, means of egress, and fire suppression systems to emergency lighting, smoke barriers, and special hazard protection for all types of new and existing facilities. (Print, 489 pp., 2012)
    • 2012 NFPA 101, Life Safety Code Handbook enhances and accelerates the learning process for architects, designers, contractors, engineers, AHJs, and inspectors needing to master the requirements of NFPA 101. This code companion to the 2012 edition delivers expert commentary on provisions, side-by-side comparisons for new and existing buildings, and full-color visuals that help comply with the code, avoid mistakes, violations, and delays; so you can make the right choices that help save lives. (Print, 369 pp., 2012)
    • NFPA 101, Life Safety Code Self-Adhesive Index Tabs improve accuracy and efficiency referencing and reviewing building and life safety fundamentals while at study or in the field. Compatible with several editions of the NFPA 101 code or handbook, stick these self-adhesive tabs to the sections applicable to the particular process, project, or facility to make informed conclusions on occupant safety. (Set of 48)

    Demonstrate your proficiency in building and life safety with the NFPA 99 & NFPA 101 Codes and Handbooks Toolkit.

    Get the educational resources and support materials necessary for establishing and maintaining a safety foundation for any occupancy. Place your order for the NFPA 99 & NFPA 101 Codes and Handbooks Toolkit bundle today.

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