1999 NFPA 86D Standard
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  • Description

    NFPA 86D provides requirements for safeguarding against fire and explosion hazards in Class D furnaces that operate at above ambient temperatures to over 5000 degrees F (2760 degrees C), and at pressures normally below atmospheric to 10(to the minus 8) torr (1.33 x 10(to the minus 6) Pa). It includes the many common safety requirements covered by NFPA 86D, such as for location, construction, heating system, safety equipment, testing, maintenance and fire protection. This important document also covers the more unique features associated with vacuum furnaces. (76 pp., 1999)


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  • Table of Contents (1999 Edition)

    NFPA 86D Standard for Industrial Furnaces Using Vacuum as an Atmosphere, 1999 Edition

    Chapter 1 General
    Chapter 2 Definitions
    Chapter 3 Location and Construction
    Chapter 4 Furnace Heating Systems
    Chapter 5 Safety Equipment and Application
    Chapter 6 Fume Incinerators
    Chapter 7 Integral Liquid Quench Vacuum Furnaces
    Chapter 8 Vacuum Furnaces Used With Special Flammable Atmospheres
    Chapter 9 Bulk Atmosphere Gas Storage Systems
    Chapter 10 Vacuum Induction Furnaces
    Chapter 11 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance
    Chapter 12 Fire Protection
    Chapter 13 Referenced Publications
    Appendix A Explanatory Material
    Appendix B Pump Data
    Appendix C Engineering Data
    Appendix D Vacuum Symbols
    Appendix E Design Standard References
    Appendix F Lower Limits of Flammability in Air
    Appendix G Referenced Publications
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