NFPA 75: Standard for the Fire Protection of Information Technology Equipment, Spanish
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NFPA 75, Spanish

  • Description

    Avoid devastating company losses. Implement NFPA 75's state-of-the-art fire protection strategies for IT equipment.

    Updated and revised with a new name highlighting its focus on fire protection, the 2013 Spanish Edition of NFPA 75: Standard for the Fire Protection of Information Technology Equipment has the latest requirements for rooms or areas with computer installations needing fire protection, including suppression, detection, and building construction in what are often unique operating environments. Application is based on risk considerations including business interruption aspects of the functions -- such as storing or relaying banking, health care, or stock market information -- and the fire threat to the installation.

    Use the 2013 Spanish edition to preserve the efficacy of fire protection systems that may be adversely affected by aisle containment systems.

    Widely used in IT equipment areas, aisle containment systems improve the cooling efficiency of HVAC systems, but can have unintended adverse effects on fire protection systems. That's why the 2013 Spanish NFPA 75 introduces an all-new section addressing the uses of this new technology, with additional requirements for aisle containment systems to help designers, facility managers, and AHJs ensure appropriate levels of fire protection are maintained. (Print, 24 pp., 2013 Spanish Edition)

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