NFPA 731: Standard for the Installation of Electronic Premises Security Systems, Spanish

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NFPA 731 Spanish
  • Description

    Ensure the quality and reliability of security system installations.

    NFPA 731: Installation of Electronic Premises Security Systems Spanish Edition is the first Standard developed primarily to define the means of signal initiation, transmission, notification, and annunciation, as well as the levels of performance and the reliability of electronic security systems.

    Requirements cover every step of security equipment installation, with provisions for the application, location, performance, testing, and maintenance of physical security systems and their components. Detailed chapters are included for:

    • Intrusion detection systems
    • Electronic access control systems
    • Video surveillance systems
    • Holdup, duress, and ambush systems
    • Testing and inspection

    Rules address the protected premises from the property line to the interior of the premises. NFPA 731 also references or incorporates provisions from applicable UL, SIA, and other standards. (Approx. 43 pp., 2006 Spanish Edition)

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