2017 NFPA 704 Standard - Current Edition
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  • Description

    NFPA 704: Standard System for the Identification of the Hazards of Materials for Emergency Response provides updates plus a new Annex concerning OSHA HazCom2017. Stay up-to-date with the 2017 edition.

    The NFPA® "hazard diamond" provides an immediate general sense of the hazards of a material and the severity of these hazards as they relate to emergency response. This simple, readily recognized, and easily understood system of markings is based on NFPA 704: Standard System for the Identification of the Hazards of Materials for Emergency Response. NFPA 704 simplifies determining the degree of health, flammability, and instability hazards of chemicals, and also provides for the recognition of water reactivity and oxidizers.

    The 2017 edition of NFPA 704 includes updates and an important clarification related to OSHA HazCom2017:

    • Revised Chapter 8 now requires the use of the SA symbol (representing a simple asphyxiant gas) for liquefied carbon dioxide vapor withdrawal systems and where large quantities of dry ice are used in confined areas. Previous editions of NFPA 704 provided no way of warning of this hazard.
    • New Annex G explains key differences between the OSHA HazCom2017 and NFPA 704 and clarifies the reasons why the NFPA 704 rating system will remain unchanged by the implementation of HazCom2017.
    • New Annex H provides sample placards and verbiage that can be extracted into emergency response publications and training materials to ensure consistency.

    The latest NFPA 704 is essential for manufacturers and users of hazardous chemicals, emergency responders, AHJs, building designers and inspectors, and consultants specializing in hazard identification and mitigation. (Print, 36 pp., 2017)


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  • Table of Contents (2017 Current Edition)

    NFPA® 704 Standard System for the Identification of the Hazards of Materials for Emergency Response, 2017 Edition

    Chapter 1 Administration
    1.1 Scope.
    1.2 Purpose.
    1.3 Application.
    1.4 Retroactivity.
    1.5 Equivalency.
    Chapter 2 Referenced Publications
    2.1 General.
    2.2 NFPA Publications.
    2.3 Other Publications.
    2.4 References for Extracts in Mandatory Sections.
    Chapter 3 Definitions
    3.1 General.
    3.2 NFPA Official Definitions.
    3.3 General Definitions.
    Chapter 4 General
    4.1 Description.
    4.2 Assignment of Ratings.
    4.3 Location of Signs.
    Chapter 5 Health Hazards
    5.1 General.
    5.2 Degrees of Hazard.
    Chapter 6 Flammability Hazards
    6.1 General.
    6.2 Degrees of Hazard.
    6.3 Aerosols.
    Chapter 7 Instability Hazards
    7.1 General.
    7.2 Degrees of Hazard.
    Chapter 8 Special Hazards
    8.1 General.
    8.2 Symbols.
    Chapter 9 Identification of Materials by Hazard Rating System
    9.1 Symbol Arrangement.
    Annex A Explanatory Material
    Annex B Health Hazard Rating
    Annex C Flammability
    Annex D Combustible Dusts
    Annex E Instability, Thermal Hazard Evaluation Techniques
    Annex F Water Reactivity Identification Criteria
    Annex G Comparison of NFPA 704 Numerical Hazard Rating with OSHA’s Hazard Classification System
    Annex H Sample NFPA 704 Placard Information for Use in Safety Publications
    Annex I Informational References
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