NFPA 600: Standard on Industrial Fire Brigades, Spanish
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    Follow more user-friendly requirements in the 2015 Spanish NFPA 600: Standard on Facility Fire Brigades.

    Renamed for the 2015 edition, NFPA 600: Standard on Facility Fire Brigades supports this critical line of defense in both industrial and non-industrial settings. The fully reorganized Standard presents minimum requirements for fire brigade organization, operation, training, and equipment necessary for prompt and effective first response in a fire emergency. It also contains requirements for the occupational safety and health of industrial fire brigade members while performing fire fighting and related activities.

    Comprehensive and user-friendly, the 2015 Spanish edition of NFPA 600 covers:

    • Education, training, and drills
    • Organization
    • Medical and job-related physical requirements
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    The 2015 NFPA 600 also contains specific chapters on:

    • Incipient stage fire fighting
    • Interior structural fire fighting and advanced exterior fire fighting, with common requirements grouped for easier referencing

    Ensure every facility fire brigade is organized and has the knowledge required to handle fire protection challenges in all types of environments -- from industrial facilities to non-industrial settings such as college and hospital campuses. (Print, 22 pp., 2015 Spanish Edition)

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