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NFPA 495 with Kansas amendments
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    Control hazards, safeguard communities, and protect employees when handling explosives using NFPA 495: Explosive Materials Code with Kansas Amendments.

    Amended with modifications and adopted throughout the State of Kansas, this edition of the NFPA 495: Explosive Materials Code helps users identify reasonable levels of safety for the manufacture, transportation, storage, sale, and use of explosive materials. It does not apply to transportation of such material used for military purposes or when under jurisdiction of the federal government.

    The fully searchable PDF makes it easy to distinguish Kansas modifications to NFPA 495:

    • Screened (yellow shaded) language denotes Kansas adopted amendments.
    • Language deleted by Kansas is indicated by a strikeout of the text.

    Essential for fire marshals, inspectors, enforcers, building officials, and AHJs throughout the State of Kansas.

    This important Code is essential for explosives manufacturers or enforcers such as fire and building officials. Available direct from NFPA®, the Code source. (PDF, 58 pp., NFPA 2013)

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