2002 NFPA 490 Code
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  • Description

    NFPA 490: Code for the Storage of Ammonium Nitrate applies to the storage of ammonium nitrate in the form of crystals, flakes, grains, or prills including fertilizer grade as defined by Definitions and Test Procedures for Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer, dynamite grade, nitrous oxide grade as defined by Standard for Ammonium Nitrate (Nitrous Oxide Grade), technical grade, and other mixtures containing 60 percent or more by weight of ammonium nitrate.

    This Code gives requirements for storage structures, storage in containers and bulk storage, and separation from contaminants. Additionally, this document covers section fire protection and general safety precautions including housekeeping and material handling. (Approx. 11 pp., 2002)

  • Table of Contents (2002 Edition)

    NFPA 490 Code for the Storage of Ammonium Nitrate, 2002 Edition

    Chapter 1 Administration
    Chapter 2 Referenced Publications
    Chapter 3 Definitions
    Chapter 4 General Provisions
    Chapter 5 Storage of Ammonium Nitrate in Bags, Drums, or Other Containers
    Chapter 6 Storage of Bulk Ammonium Nitrate
    Chapter 7 Contaminants
    Chapter 8 General Precautions
    Chapter 9 Fire Protection
    Annex A Explanatory Material
    Annex B Properties and Uses of Ammonium Nitrate
    Annex C Suggested Fire-Fighting Procedure
    Annex D Suggested Provisions for Municipal Legal Regulations
    Annex E Informational References
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