2020 NFPA 451 Guide - Current Edition
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    Put your EMS based community health care programs on the cutting edge with the all-new NFPA 451, 2020 edition.

    The concept of community paramedicine is rapidly spreading throughout the emergency medical services (EMS) industry, leaving EMS systems searching for ways to model themselves to meet the rapidly changing needs of their local population. The new NFPA 451, Guide for Community Health Care Programs, offers a framework for the design and evaluation of comprehensive community health care programs based in local EMS systems, which may include disparate elements of government or various disciplines of the private sector.

    The debut edition of NFPA 451 is your resource for incorporating EMS systems into a unified health care program that better serves the community.

    This publication applies to any EMS system—regardless of type, model, or affiliation—and is designed to add value, flexibility, and expanded capabilities beyond responding to emergencies and transporting the sick and injured. NFPA 451 provides the versatility for community paramedicine or mobile integrated health care systems to partner with other organizations and bring elements of different systems together to improve overall health care programs.

    Take an innovative approach to public welfare and safety, be it fire-based, hospital-based, private, third service, volunteer, or any other system. Order your copy of NFPA 451, Guide for Community Health Care Programs, 2020 edition, today.

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