2015 NFPA 45 Handbook PDF - Current Edition

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    Author: Laura Montville

    The new NFPA 45 Handbook PDF is filled with commentary and color visuals explaining fire safety in new and existing laboratories.

    Understand the reasons behind NFPA 45's new expanded scope and other changes intended to provide a higher level of protection for lab personnel and an easier way to ensure compliance. This digital NFPA 45: Standard on Fire Protection for Laboratories Using Chemicals Handbook PDF explains NFPA 45's revisions and the latest requirements for the fire safe design and operation of instructional, educational, and industrial laboratories to avoid injury to occupants.

    NFPA 45 Handbook PDF includes the full text of the Standard, explanations, and full-color imagery.

    • Gain electronic access to the complete 2015 NFPA 45 text, with the maximum allowable quantities of liquids and gases, as well as requirements for laboratory ventilating systems and chemical fume hoods.
    • Hyperlinked icons take you to expert commentary on requirements -- including the Standard's new chapter on Educational and Instructional Laboratories intended to help protect students and staff. Commentary is written by experts with an in-depth knowledge of NFPA 45.
    • Link to exclusive full-color images, tables, figures, and diagrams not in the Standard.
    • Get the big picture with a dedicated Table of Contents for sections with commentary.
    • Find new chapter introductions only in the Handbook PDF.
    • Save time with instant searches and interactive PDF functionality.

    Changes in NFPA 45 impact specific facilities, chemicals, and safety controls. This digital Handbook helps you comply.

    Correctly apply updated protocols for keeping laboratory personnel, equipment, and buildings safe with the essential new NFPA 45 Handbook PDF. (PDF, 79 pp., 2015)

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