2016 NFPA 312 Standard - Current Edition
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  • Description

    Provide fire protection and prepare for emergency response during ship construction, conversion, and repair with the 2016 NFPA 312.

    Updated with the latest references from the 2014 National Electrical Code® (NEC®), NFPA 25, and other codes and standards. NFPA 312: Standard for Fire Protection of Vessels During Construction, Conversion, Repair, and Lay-Up applies to vessels at all stages of operational life, from cradle to retirement.

    This comprehensive document covers every phase -- including changing from one type or service to another -- with requirements for:

    • General care and cleanliness
    • Electrical installations
    • Fire protection equipment
    • Use of open-flame or spark-emitting devices
    • Storage of explosive and flammable materials
    • Paint application
    • Inspection
    • Guidance for fire watch training, and more

    Protect vessels from fire and related hazards during the course of ship construction, conversion, repair, and lay-up.

    Stay confident and informed about fire protection and emergency response with the 2016 edition. (Print, 13 pp., 2016)


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  • Table of Contents (2016 Current Edition)
    NFPA<sup>®</sup> 312 Standard for Fire Protection of Vessels During Construction, Conversion, Repair, and Lay-Up 2016 Edition

    NFPA® 312 Standard for Fire Protection of Vessels During Construction, Conversion, Repair, and Lay-Up, 2016 Edition

    Chapter 1 Administration
    1.1 Scope
    1.2 Purpose
    Chapter 2 Referenced Publications
    2.1 General
    2.2 NFPA Publications
    2.3 Other Publications
    2.4 References for Extracts in Mandatory Sections
    Chapter 3 Definitions
    3.1 General
    3.2 NFPA Official Definitions
    3.3 General Definitions
    Chapter 4 Construction, Conversion, and Repair
    4.1 Inspection
    4.2 Rubbish, Waste Materials, Oil Spills, and General Care
    4.3 Smoking
    4.4 Storage of Explosives, Flammable Material, and Dangerous Cargo
    4.5 Use of Open-Flame or Spark-Emitting Devices and Fire Watch
    4.6 Electrical Installations
    4.7 Application of Paints and Other Flammable Compounds
    4.8 Protection of Doors and Other Openings
    4.9 Staging, Gangways, Access, and Miscellaneous Structures
    4.10 Watch Service
    4.11 Fire Alarm Service
    4.12 Fire Protection Equipment
    4.13 Fire Brigade
    4.14 Vessel Stability During Fire Fighting
    4.15 Testing of Fire Protection Equipment
    Chapter 5 Lay-Up
    5.1 Application
    5.2 Governmental Authorities
    5.3 Lay-Up Locations
    5.4 Lay-Up Berths at Dock
    5.5 Vessel Preparation
    5.6 Power Source
    5.7 Planning and Station Bills
    5.8 General Care and Cleanliness
    5.9 Closure of Ventilation and Other Openings
    5.10 Storage of Explosive and Flammable Materials
    5.11 Temporary Heating Arrangements
    5.12 Temporary Electrical Wiring
    5.13 Watch Service
    5.14 Fire Detection and Fire Alarms
    5.15 Access
    5.16 Vessel Stability
    5.17 Fire Protection Equipment
    Annex A Explanatory Material
    Annex B Informational References
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