NFPA 3: Recommended Practice and Handbook Set

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    Advance your know-how about Cx -- and protect your bottom line -- with NFPA 3 and the Commissioning and Integrated System Testing Handbook.  Save on the Set!

    Be prepared to conduct proper commissioning of fire protection and life safety systems using the most up-to-date and comprehensive tools. This money-saving Set is essential for anyone responsible for building construction and management or involved with commissioning -- including architects, designers, contractors, engineers, building owners, managers, insurers, and inspection authorities.

    Save 15%, avoid errors, and help make sure every step of commissioning is done right:

    • NFPA 3: Recommended Practice for Commissioning of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems outlines a process for the commissioning of interconnected safety systems, to help stakeholders verify that systems are designed, installed, and function as intended. The 2015 edition of this vital Standard is adaptable for all types of systems and covers the complete commissioning process for system operation throughout the building's life cycle. (Print, 54 pp., 2015)
    • The Commissioning and Integrated System Testing Handbook combines the full text of NFPA 3 along with the first edition of NFPA 4: Standard for Integrated Fire Protection and Life Safety System Testing. While it does not mandate integrated testing, new NFPA 4 provides minimum requirements for integrated testing and documentation prior to building occupancy and at any stage. Timesaving commentary for both NFPA 3 and NFPA 4 supports your work with expert advice. The Handbook includes sample commissioning and integrated system testing plans, new supplements, links to online forms, and other must-have resources. (Print, 648 pp., 2015)
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