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2016 NFPA 1912 Standard - Current Edition
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  • Description

    Before your department upgrades or refurbishes any automotive fire/rescue apparatus, consult NFPA 1912.

    Protect personnel and safeguard your fire department's budget. Fire service leaders, engineers, designers, and anyone responsible for the health and safety of fire department personnel needs NFPA 1912: Standard for Fire Apparatus Refurbishing. This Standard contains requirements for two levels of fire department apparatus refurbishing, providing detailed information on all major components and systems. Provisions apply regardless of whether the refurbishing is done at the fire department or municipal maintenance facilities, or at the facilities of private contractors or apparatus manufacturers.

    Save lives and money by maintaining the highest level of safety for refurbished fire fighting, rescue, and EMS equipment.

    • Staying up-to-code with NFPA 1912 helps you improve the ability of apparatus to pass annual inspections as the vehicle ages.
    • Compliance potentially saves the fire department money through smarter purchasing of new fire department apparatus.
    • The 2016 edition is updated for consistency among other related Standards. 

    NFPA 1912 is a must for fire departments, manufacturers, private contractors that repair or restore fire apparatus, and emergency vehicle maintenance technicians. (Print, 56 pp., 2016)


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  • Table of Contents (2016 Current Edition)

    NFPA® 1912 Standard for Fire Apparatus Refurbishing, 2016 Edition

    Chapter 1 Administration
    1.1 Scope.
    1.2 Purpose.
    1.3 Application.
    1.4 Equivalency.
    1.5 Units of Measure.
    Chapter 2 Referenced Publications
    2.1 General.
    2.2 NFPA Publications.
    2.3 Other Publications.
    2.4 References for Extracts in Mandatory Sections.
    Chapter 3 Definitions
    3.1 General.
    3.2 NFPA Official Definitions.
    3.3 General Definitions.
    Chapter 4 General Requirements
    4.1 General.
    4.2 Responsibility of Purchaser.
    4.3 Responsibility of the Contractor.
    4.4 Fire Apparatus Components.
    4.5 Chassis Components.
    4.6 Governmental Requirements.
    4.7 Personnel Protection.
    4.8 Carrying Capacity.
    Chapter 5 Level I Refurbishing
    5.1 General.
    5.2 Carrying Capacity.
    5.3 Vehicle Stability.
    5.4 Frame.
    5.5 Drivetrain.
    5.6 Engine and Engine System Design.
    5.7 Cooling System.
    5.8 Lubrication System.
    5.9 Fuel and Air Systems.
    5.10 Exhaust System.
    5.11 Vehicle Components.
    5.12 Low-Voltage Electrical Systems and Warning Devices.
    5.13 Driving and Crew Compartments.
    5.14 Body, Compartmentation, and Hose Storage.
    5.15 Fire Pump and Associated Equipment.
    5.16 Water Tanks.
    5.17 Aerial Devices.
    5.18 Equipment Carried on Fire Apparatus.
    5.19 Tests and Delivery Data Requirements.
    5.20 Data Required of the Contractor.
    5.21 Safety Signs.
    Chapter 6 Level II Refurbishing
    6.1 General.
    6.2 Carrying Capacity.
    6.3 Vehicle Stability.
    6.4 Frame.
    6.5 Drivetrain.
    6.6 Engine and Engine System Design.
    6.7 Cooling System.
    6.8 Lubrication System.
    6.9 Fuel and Air Systems.
    6.10 Exhaust System.
    6.11 Vehicle Components.
    6.12 Low-Voltage Electrical Systems and Warning Devices.
    6.13 Driving and Crew Compartments.
    6.14 Body, Compartmentation, and Hose Storage.
    6.15 Fire Pump and Associated Equipment.
    6.16 Water Tank.
    6.17 Aerial Devices.
    6.18 Equipment Carried on the Fire Apparatus.
    6.19 Tests and Delivery Data Requirements.
    6.20 Data Required of the Contractor.
    6.21 Safety Signs.
    Annex A Explanatory Material
    Annex B Fire Apparatus Refurbishing Specifications
    Annex C Weights and Dimensions for Common Equipment
    Annex D Guidelines for First Line and Reserve Apparatus
    Annex E Informational References
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