2024 NFPA 1900 Standard - Current Edition

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    Help protect the public and fire service personnel by complying with new consolidated requirements for emergency response and responder safety.

    NFPA® 1900, Standard for Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles, Automotive Fire Apparatus, Wildland Fire Apparatus, and Automotive Ambulances, is a vital new resource to help ensure a safer and more effective emergency response in specialized circumstances.

    As part of the NFPA Emergency Response and Responder Safety Document Consolidation Plan, the first edition combines NFPA 414, Standard for Aircraft Rescue and Fire-Fighting Vehicles; NFPA 1901, Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus; NFPA 1906, Standard for Wildland Fire Apparatus; and NFPA 1917, Standard for Automotive Ambulances.

    Extensive changes to incorporated requirements in the 2024 edition of NFPA 1900 include:

    • Changes to the aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicles requirements from combined standards to further explain the equivalency statement to better assist authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs)
    • Edits to the lettering, numbering, and striping requirements for ARFF vehicles, including requirements for the use of hybrid electric or electric ARFF vehicles given the increased use and demand for these types of vehicles
    • Deletion of duplicate material and chapters particularly from NFPA 1901 and NFPA 1906 for further consolidation of structural apparatus and wildland apparatus requirements
    • Equipment requirements moved from the main body of the document to the annexes
    • New requirements addressing the various types of engines that might be used on new fire department apparatus, including updated requirements for lettering, striping, and the use of colors and retro-reflective materials, to give the AHJ increased flexibility
    • Revisions to the optical warning systems on fire department apparatus
    • Significant change to remove the requirement on seatbelt warning systems with a detailed substantiation for this change and included annex material relating to the change
    • Updated requirements for optical warning systems
  • Also in NFPA 414: Standard for Aircraft Rescue and Fire-Fighting Vehicles