NFPA 1700, Guide for Structural Fire Fighting Online Training

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    2022 Brandon Hall Gold Excellence in Learning Award WINNER of a Gold Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Best Use of Games or Simulations for the Learning and Development category


    Gold Horizon Interactive Award in Best in Training / E-Learning WINNER of a Gold Horizon Interactive Award for Best in Training/E-Learning category



    Access free NFPA® online training to learn safer and more effective ways to handle fire incidents.

    The hazards and challenges of structural firefighting continue to change, so it's critical for the fire service to evolve the way it responds to incidents. With modern homes often being constructed of more flammable, faster burning materials, and with more open floor plans, newer technologies, and evolving fuel loads, the tactics you have relied on for decades may need to change.

    NFPA 1700, Guide for Structural Fire Fighting Online Training, is a valuable resource for helping you increase your knowledge of state-of-the-art best practices and methodologies. Developed in partnership with Underwriters Laboratories (UL), this all-new instructional course is based on extensive scientific research and testing on contemporary structures in addition to the latest NFPA 1700, 2021 edition, criteria.

    The course provides:

    • Guidance focused on interacting within a structure under fire conditions to achieve the most successful outcome based on documented fire investigations, research, and fire dynamics testing
    • Interactive modeling of residential structural firefighting allowing simulated training scenarios where you are coached throughout exercises
    • Concepts centered around NFPA 1700 principles of establishing strategies with tactical considerations to provide effective search, rescue, and fire suppression operations, as well as civilian and responder safety

    NFPA 1700 Online Training puts you in an immersive digital environment that demonstrates examples of fire scenarios.

    Ideal for both new and seasoned structural firefighting personnel, this online program offers an introduction to NFPA 1700, Guide for Structural Fire Fighting, followed by a series of interactive learning modules on Fire Dynamics, Strategy, Tactics, and Contamination Reduction. Each offers a 360-degree, full-3D virtual experience where you are placed within simulated scenarios and asked to make observations and decisions on how to respond and fight the fire.

    From how to enter buildings and where to apply hose streams to when to stand down due to potentially life-threatening situations, you will receive recommendations based on the most current industry knowledge throughout the training. The program culminates with a Capstone to bring everything you have learned together and put it to the test.

    Upon completion, you should be able to:

    • Explain why firefighting tactics are changing based on modern construction, newer on-scene technology, and evolving fuel loads
    • Gain an understanding of how to assess and approach the scene of a fire based on the latest science-based fire dynamics research and testing
    • Be more prepared to assess a fire’s growth and spread, and consequently utilize up-to-date control methods to keep you, your team, and others safe

    Construction, technology, and structural firefighting equipment and procedures are always evolving. Make sure you have the training to keep your skills on the cutting edge.

    The changing residential landscape can cause faster fire propagation, shorter times to flashover, rapid changes in fire dynamics, reduced escape times, and shorter times to collapse. This exclusive program from NFPA is the ideal way for fire service personnel to get up to date with structural firefighting strategies, tactics, and tasks as supported by long-standing UL research.

    Be a leader in addressing today's firefighting challenges and increase your knowledge and professional expertise with free NFPA 1700, Guide for Structural Fire Fighting Online Training.

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    • Course Tuition: The course tuition is due and payable before starting each module.
    • Expiration: Participants will need to take the online courses or series within 365 days.
    • CEUs: You earn 0.1 CEU for each learning hour. To verify total numbers of CEUs for a course or a series, please check the Description tab. Upon successful completion of a course or a series, participants will be able to download the CEUs certificate directly from the website. Please verify applicability with your professional board or organization.
    • Online Training is non-refundable.


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