2019 NFPA 1600 and 2021 NFPA 3000 Toolkit

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    In a world that's always changing, we can never stop learning how to keep it safe. Give your community or organization the tools it needs to help mitigate the impacts of a crisis or disaster with the NFPA 1600® and NFPA 3000® Toolkit.

    Dangerous hazards, whether natural, human-caused, or technical, present complex challenges to building and life safety. The NFPA 1600 and NFPA 3000® Toolkit provides the standards and criteria to develop a comprehensive, multidisciplinary emergency preparedness program and establish and maintain crisis management capabilities.

    This dual-standard bundle is an indispensable resource for organizations and officials responsible for planning for and responding to tragic incidents. You receive 20% off the full price of the following materials:

    • 2019 NFPA 1600, Standard on Continuity, Emergency, and Crisis Management offers the cutting edge tools and strategies for developing, implementing, assessing, and maintaining emergency programs and operations. Broadly applied by public, non-profit, non-governmental, and private entities, NFPA 1600 covers prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, continuity, and recovery for all types of hazard events and disasters. (Print, 97 pp., 2019)
    • 2021 NFPA 3000®, Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program provides guidelines and requirements for creating a unified plan of response tailored to your community's or organization's level of risk. The provisional standard details all aspects of the process of organizing, managing, and sustaining a coordinated readiness and recovery program that helps save lives and minimizes the effects of an active shooter or other hostile events. (Print, 48 pp., 2021)

    The NFPA 1600 and NFPA 3000® Toolkit gives you the power to respond to any crisis or emergency with confidence and control.

    Take the lead in learning how to prepare your department and related organizations for the unexpected. Order the NFPA 1600 and NFPA 3000®Toolkit to access expert insights and information critical to helping to protect your community.

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