2008 NFPA 1584 Handbook PDF

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    Author: Ken Holland

    Reference the NFPA 1584 Handbook PDF for requirements plus expert commentary on the reasons behind incident scene rehab rules.

    Improve your occupational safety and health program and incident scene management by understanding the rationale for NFPA 1584's requirements concerning fire department members' rehab during emergency ops and training. The 2008 NFPA 1584: Standard on the Rehabilitation Process for Members During Emergency Operations and Training Exercises Handbook provides additional information in a powerful format featuring first-time commentary on the "whys" behind the rules!

    The NFPA 1584 Handbook PDF includes the full text of the Standard, new explanations, and full-color imagery.

    • Gain electronic access to the complete 2008 NFPA 1584 text, with first-time requirements for medical monitoring during rehab, and terminology that is compatible with the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
    • Hyperlinked icons take you to annotations that answer questions and help you avoid errors that could jeopardize safety. Link directly to all-new commentary written by experts with an in-depth knowledge of NFPA 1584.
    • Link to exclusive full-color images, tables, figures, and diagrams not in the Standard.
    • Get the big picture with a dedicated Table of Contents for sections with annotations.
    • Find new chapter introductions only in the Handbook PDF.
    • Save time with instant searches and interactive PDF functionality.

    Improve protection for firefighters with a fuller understanding of the issues that impact their health -- including nutrition, hydration, and lifestyle. The 2008 NFPA 1584 Handbook PDF delivers extra facts, so departments can provide the proper rest, rehydration, and medical monitoring needed to safeguard emergency responders at incident scenes and during training. After initial download, no Internet access is required. (PDF, 35 pp., 2008, 2012)

  • How the NFPA Handbooks Differ from Codes and Standards


    Ever wonder what the difference is between an NFPA® handbook and a code or standard? We’re glad you asked.

    NFPA codes and standards both provide requirements for achieving outcomes. Handbooks take a deeper dive, providing the full text of a code or standard as well as expert commentary and features such as graphics, decision trees, testing procedures, case studies, sample forms and checklists, and other helpful aids to give a better understanding of the reasoning behind the requirements and how to apply them.


    • A code or standard is a framework—a set of rules to follow with a goal to achieve a certain result
    • A handbook is a connector—linking requirements to application by helping you understand the reasoning behind a code or standard

    The simplest way to think about it is that codes and standards list the technical requirements while handbooks explain those requirements to clarify how to apply them.

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