NFPA 1521: Standard for Fire Department Safety Officer Professional Qualifications, Spanish
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    Understand the qualifications and responsibilities of fire department safety officers with the 2008 Spanish edition of NFPA 1521.

    Updated to reflect the current best practices in fire department organization and position appointments, the 2008 Spanish NFPA 1521 addresses all the qualifications and functions of both a health and safety officer and an
    incident safety officer.

    Changes in the 2008 Spanish NFPA 1521 for health and safety officer (HSO) include:

    • Added requirement for the HSO to be aware of the requirements in NFPA 1403: Live Fire Training Evolutions, to be involved all live fire training pre-burn inspections, and to ensure supervision is provided for actual live fire training
    • Requirement that the HSO have the authority to attend fires and investigate accidents, injuries, and near misses
    • Deleted requirement that an HSO be a fire department officer or meet the requirements of NFPA 1021

    Revisions for incident safety officer (ISO) include:

    • ISO no longer needs to be a fire department officer, but must meet the requirements of NFPA 1021: Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications, Level 1.
    • Requirement that the ISO have knowledge of fire science and behavior, and be able to predict hostile fire events
    • Addition requirements concerning ISO response to pre-designated incidents
    • New Annex detailing how the ISO should write a post-incident analysis (PIA) report
    • New Annex with examples of forms for ISO use at the incident scene

    Definitions used in the Standard were revised for consistency with other NFPA® health and safety standards. (Print, 41 pp., 2008 Spanish Edition)

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