NFPA 1500: Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program, Spanish
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NFPA 1500, Spanish
  • Description

    Prepare fire fighters to safely control the hazards they face with the revised Spanish edition of NFPA 1500.

    Access the latest performance requirements for every aspect of health and safety in career, volunteer, private, and military fire departments in the Spanish NFPA 1500: Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program. This essential document provides the protocols required for everything from fire fighter training, vehicles, and tools to emergency operations, incident stress, and protective clothing and equipment.

    Get the new provisions for using protective ensembles, managing risk, operating fire apparatus, and more. Critical updates in the 2007 edition:

    • Added requirements concerning the use of protective ensembles for technical rescue and chemical/biological terrorism
    • An updated section on risk management along with additional annex material
    • Revised and reorganized chapter on training and education that stresses the importance of skills and knowledge in day-to-day tasks and the need for ongoing professional development
    • Enhanced chapter on operating fire apparatus that supports improved vehicle response operation with an emphasis on safe arrival at the scene
    • First-time sections on operations at traffic incidents, establishing control zones, and fitness for duty evaluations
    • Added section on appointment of a health and safety officer

    Keep fire fighters safe in a high-risk profession.

    Apply the current, comprehensive 2007 NFPA 1500. (Print, 127 pp., 2007 Spanish Edition)

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