2019 NFPA 13R Digital Handbook - Current Edition
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  • Description

    Edited by: Shawn Mahoney

    Equip low-rise residential occupancies with effective and economical sprinkler systems that can help save lives. Consult the new digital NFPA 13R Digital Handbook for installation answers and advice from the experts.

    Improve life safety and property protection with exclusive guidance only in the NFPA 13R, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in Low-Rise Residential Occupancies Handbook. This Digital Handbook includes the 2019 edition of NFPA 13R -- with comprehensive requirements governing system installation including water supply and system acceptance -- plus annotations from sprinkler experts who understand the challenges you face on the job.

    Installers and contractors can help avoid costly errors and oversights with the NFPA 13R Digital Handbook.

    Be better prepared to complete jobs on time and on budget, work with the latest technologies, and reduce risks while maximizing efficiency. The 2019 edition NFPA 13R Digital Handbook is a powerful resource that spells out requirements and provides tips, plus added insight on the "whys" behind the rules.

    Instantly reference the full text of the standard, new explanations, and full-color imagery.

    • Gain electronic access to the complete 2019 edition of NFPA 13R text, including vital updates, such as new requirements that address where pipe and tube listed for light hazard can be used in an ordinary hazard application, new beam rules for sprinklers, and the reorganized and expanded Chapter 9, Water Supplies.
    • Hyperlinked icons take you to annotations that answer questions and help you avoid oversights. Link directly to all-new commentary written by an expert with in-depth knowledge of NFPA 13R.
    • Link to exclusive full-color images not in the standard.
    • Get the big picture with a dedicated Table of Contents for sections with annotations.
    • Find chapter introductions only in the handbook.
    • Save time with instant searches and interactive functionality.
    • Technical changes table assists you in knowing what requirements have changed from the 2016 edition to the 2019 edition of the standard.

    Know what's new in NFPA 13R and how to comply.

    The digital handbook provides engineers, designers, contractors, inspectors, and AHJs with essential water-based fire protection background and rationale that can better improve NFPA 13R application and compliance. After initial download, no Internet access is required. (Digital Handbook, Approx. 175 pp., 2019)

  • Table of Contents (2019 Current Edition)

    NFPA® 13R Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in Low-Rise Residential Occupancies Handbook, 2019


    Chapter 1: Administration

    1.1 Scope

    1.2 Purpose

    1.3 Retroactivity

    1.4 Equivalency

    1.5 Units

    1.6 New Technology

    Chapter 2: Referenced Publications

    2.1 General

    2.2 NFPA Publications

    2.3 Other Publications

    2.4 References for Extracts in Mandatory Sections

    Chapter 3: Definitions

    3.1 General

    3.2 NFPA Official Definitions

    3.3 General Definitions

    Chapter 4: General Requirements

    4.1 Sprinklered Throughout

    4.2 Basic Requirements

    4.3 Tube

    4.4 Listed or Labeled

    4.5 System Arrangement

    Chapter 5: System Components

    5.1 General

    5.2 Aboveground Piping and Equipment

    5.3 Underground Pipe

    5.4 System Types

    Chapter 6: Installation

    6.1 System Protection Area Limitations

    6.2 Use of Sprinklers

    6.3 Quick-Response Sprinklers

    6.4 Residential Sprinklers

    6.5 Special Situations

    6.6 Location of Sprinklers

    6.7 Piping

    6.8 Valves

    6.9 Drains

    6.10 Test Connection

    6.11 Fire Department Connection

    6.12 Pressure Gauges

    6.13 Piping Support

    6.14 Open-Grid Ceilings

    6.15 Drop-Out Ceilings

    6.16 Alarms

    Chapter 7: Design Criteria

    7.1 Inside Dwelling Unit

    7.2 Outside Dwelling Unit

    7.3 Garages

    7.4 Attics

    7.5 Combustible Concealed Spaces

    Chapter 8: Plans and Calculations

    8.1 Working Plans

    8.2 Hydraulic Calculations

    Chapter 9: Water Supplies

    9.1 Number of Supplies

    9.2 Capacity

    9.3 Domestic Demand

    9.4 Connection from Waterworks System

    9.5 Types

    9.6 Connections to Waterworks Systems

    9.7 Fire Pump

    9.8 Penstocks, Flumes, Rivers, Lakes, or Reservoirs

    9.9 Non–Fire Protection Connections

    Chapter 10: System Acceptance

    10.1 Approval of Sprinkler Systems

    10.2 Acceptance Tests

    Chapter 11: Care and Maintenance

    11.1 Stock of Spare Sprinklers

    11.2 Owner’s Responsibility

    11.3 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

    11.4 Instructions


    Annex A: Explanatory Material

    Annex B: Informational References

    NFPA 13R Index

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