NFPA 13 Storage Protection Requirements and Assessment (2022) Online Training Series

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  • Description

    This 3-part interactive online training provides an essential foundation for understanding the design, installation, and analysis of storage fire sprinkler protection based on the 2022 edition of NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems.

    Completely refreshed and updated to align with the 2022 edition of NFPA 13, this online training program consists of 3 one-hour modules and introduces learners to the basic principles of applying requirements to the assessment and design of automatic sprinkler systems protecting warehouse, big-box retail, and other storage occupancies.

    Participants will gain insight into how storage arrangements and the proper classification of various storage commodities influence decisions around the type of sprinkler system selected and the requirements that apply to its installation. They will then walk through the pertinent design criteria for designing and installing control mode density area (CMDA), control mode specific application (CMSA), and early suppression fast-response (ESFR) sprinkler systems. To test their knowledge, participants will use a virtual warehouse and course scenarios to apply what they've learned in a real-world application. In addition, an NFPA® engineer will provide insight into the importance of considering commodity classifications in storage environments, dealing with changes that occur in these types of environments, and the impact the code can have on individuals installing sprinkler systems. Participants will earn credit for the course after successfully passing each of the module assessments.

    Upon completion of the course, the participant should be able to:

    • Illustrate how commodity classifications and storage arrangement influence the type and design of a sprinkler system to be installed
    • Describe how the storage of plastic, encapsulated, and other special arrangements necessitate additional/alternative protection measures
    • Distinguish the three common types of sprinkler systems used in storage environments and how they differ in their design criteria
    • Practice using the density/area criteria in NFPA 13 for designing a CMDA sprinkler system
    • Summarize the design criteria for the installation of CMSA and ESFR sprinkler systems
    • Locate installation and design requirements for CMDA, CMSA, and ESFR sprinkler systems and determine when in-rack automatic sprinklers (IRAS) might be required

    Module 1 – Storage Arrangements and Commodities
    The first step to designing a successful sprinkler system for storage environments is understanding what will be stored and how it will be stored. Participants will learn how to identify storage arrangements, such as rack storage, solid-piled, and bin-box, and how the way that the commodities are classified will influence decisions surrounding the design and installation of a sprinkler system.

    Module 2 – CMDA Sprinkler System Design
    Understanding the pressure, flow, and volume of water that is necessary to supply a sprinkler system for a specific commodity is crucial. Learners will gain step-by-step guidance on using the density/area design criteria to design and install a CMDA sprinkler system for commodities and storage arrangements of all types.

    Module 3 – Designing for CMSA and ESFR
    CMSA and ESFR sprinkler systems are specifically designed for storage applications. Learners will gain an overview of the design processes for these types of systems as well as the many considerations that must be taken into account when designing for them.


    Who Will Benefit:
    Anyone whose job involves designing, reviewing, evaluating, or installing water-based fire protection systems, including: designers, installers, engineers, consultants, technicians, project managers, fire marshals, insurers, and architects

    Continuing Education Credit:
    Complete this three-hour course series and qualify for 0.3 IACET CEUs. Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be prompted to download the CEU certificate directly from the course site.

    Please verify applicability with your professional board or organization before registering.


    Group Training:
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  • Terms & Specifications for Online Training


    • Course Tuition: The course tuition is due and payable before starting each module.
    • Expiration: Participants will need to take the online courses or series within 365 days.
    • CEUs: You earn 0.1 CEU for each learning hour. To verify total numbers of CEUs for a course or a series, please check the Description tab. Upon successful completion of a course or a series, participants will be able to download the CEUs certificate directly from the website. Please verify applicability with your professional board or organization.
    • Online Training is non-refundable.


    • For optimal online course performance, please use Google Chrome or Firefox® as your web browser. If you encounter any technical difficulty, check to make sure that cookies, javascript support and Adobe Flash are enabled.


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