NFPA 13:  Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems, 2010 Edition

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    Get up-to-code with new research-based 2010 NFPA 13.

    Put powerful sprinkler strategies into your toolkit with NFPA 13: Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems -- the new best practices for system design, installation, water supplies, and equipment. Industry experts and researchers worked together to solidify new knowledge about sprinkler performance under fire conditions. The 2010 edition of NFPA 13 is current with the latest sprinkler technology, delivering scientifically-based solutions that reduce risks and fire loss.

    Fire testing and studies performed by the Fire Protection Research Foundation form the basis for added criteria.

    • Chapter 20 presents requirements for the protection of three new special storage arrangements:
    • Carton records storage with catwalk access
    • Compact shelving of commodities including paper files, magazines, books and similar documents in folders -- with no more than 5% plastics and up to 8 ft. high
    • High-bay records storage

    The 2010 NFPA 13 keeps your work in line with SEI/ASCE 7.

    NFPA 13 adopts the SEI/ASCE 7 approach for load calculations, and new Annex E describes the process. To recognize the wide range of pipe materials used in today's systems, NFPA 13 introduces new zone-of-influence tables for Schedule 5 steel pipe, CPVC, and Type M copper tube.

    Other major technical revisions and usability changes:

    • New method to calculate rack shelf area takes the placement of loads into consideration.
    • Information about large drop sprinklers and specific application control mode sprinklers is combined as Control Mode Specific Application (CMSA).
    • Added criteria for the use of smoke vents recognize their limited use and effect on sprinkler operation.

    Put the latest research and fire experience to work.

    Keep pace with dynamic advancements and ensure systems are designed and installed correctly with the 2010 edition of NFPA 13. (Softbound, 414 pp., 2010)

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    Sample (NEC® 2014)

    411.2411.3 Definition. Low-Voltage Lighting Systems.


    (A) General. Lighting Ssystems Ooperating at 30 Volts- volts or  Less. A lighting system consisting less shall consist of an isolating power supply, the low-voltage luminaires, and associated equipment that are all identified for the use. The output circuits of the power supply are shall be rated for not more than 25 amperes and  operate at 30 volts (42.4 volts peak) or lessmaximum under all load conditions.


    (B) Class 2. Listed Class 2 lighting equipment shall be rated in conformance with Chapter 9, Table 11(A) or Table 11(B).


    411.3411.4 Listing Required. Lighting systems operating at 30 volts or less shall comply with 411.3(A)411.4(A) or 

    411.3(B).411.4(B). Class 2 power sources and lighting equipment connected to Class 2 power sources shall be llisted.

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