NFPA 1124: Code for the Manufacture, Transportation, Storage and Retail Sales of Fireworks
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    Use special handling for fireworks prior to sale!

    The 2006 Spanish edition of NFPA 1124: Code for the Manufacturing, Transportation, Storage and Retail Sale of Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles establishes fire and life safety requirements for the manufacture, transportation, and storage of fireworks, pyrotechnic articles, and any components containing pyrotechnic or explosive compositions. It also covers the distribution and retail sales of fireworks, but does not apply to the use of consumer fireworks by the general public.

    Changes improve safety and allow for easier Code referencing.

    The 2006 Spanish edition incorporates the following:

    • Updated the separation distance tables found in Chapter 4 for fireworks manufacturing and storage facilities and other important structures and boundaries, such as right-of-ways or railroads.
    • New requirement for all consumer fireworks to be tested by a third party to demonstrate compliance with the regulations of the CPSC.
    • Reorganized consumer fireworks retail sales chapter (Chapter 7) consolidates rules for each type of facility--such as store, bulk merchandising center, or stand--into a single section.

    Added and revised definitions are consistent with other documents, and all definitions correlate with the NFPA® Glossary of Terms. The Document is also reorganized and updated according to NFPA's Manual of Style. (Print, 64 pp., 2006 Spanish Edition)

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