NFPA 1123: Code for Fireworks Display, Spanish
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NFPA 1123, Spanish
  • Description

    The Spanish NFPA 1123: Code for Fireworks Display provides requirements for outdoor fireworks displays, recommended permit regulations, and recommended regulations for state certification of display operators. It includes requirements on construction, handling, and use of fireworks intended for outdoor fireworks display.

    The 2006 Spanish edition incorporates the following changes:

    • Clarified definitions, specifically definitions of aerial shells, comets, and mines so as to distinguish each in its design and function.
    • Other definitions were revised to make them consistent between NFPA 1123 and NFPA 1124.
    • Reorganized display site selection requirements (Chapter 5) group requirements by specific areas--display site, fallout area, and spectator area.
    • Expanded separation distance table for aerial shells and clarified separation distances for comets and mines, Roman candles and cakes, and ground display pieces.
    • New commentary explains considerations for addressing wind in display site selection and display operation.
    • New chapter covers requirements for the operation of a display from rooftops, other structures, and limited egress locations. Topics covered include construction of the site, site layout and separation distances, and other safety requirements.

    The document also incorporates organizational and editorial changes that improve consistency, usability, and readability. (Print, 41 pp., 2006 Spanish Edition)

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