NFPA 1081: Standard for Industrial Fire Brigade Member Professional Qualifications, Spanish
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NFPA 1081, Spanish
  • Description

    Ensure that fire brigade members are qualified to meet the challenges of a demanding job with the 2007 Spanish edition of NFPA 1081!

    NFPA 1081 establishes minimum job performance requirements necessary to perform the duties as a member of an organized industrial fire brigade providing services at a specific facility or site.

    Knowledge and skill criteria are provided for the levels of industrial fire brigade operations defined in NFPA 600: Industrial Fire Brigades.

    • Incipient Level
    • Advanced Exterior Level
    • Interior Structural Level
    • Fire Brigade Leader

    Changes to the 2007 edition include:

    • A new provision that requires the management of the industrial fire brigade to establish an ongoing process to ensure that members continue to meet the job performance requirements of this Standard
    • Additional examples in Annex D of site-specific requirements for the various levels of industrial fire brigade members

    (Print, 33 pp., 2007 Spanish Edition)

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