NFPA 101, Life Safety Code with Nebraska Amendments

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    Get complete NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code®, content with integrated Nebraska amendments in a single, accessible volume.

    NFPA 101 covers the general construction, protection, and occupancy features critical to reducing fire hazards such as smoke, heat, and the release of toxic gases. NFPA 101, with Nebraska Amendments, 2019 edition, is your resource for staying in compliance with provisions for occupant safety, together with revisions to rules and requirements in accordance with the state.

    Drafted by the Nebraska State Fire Marshal Agency based on the 2012 edition of NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, this is an essential resource for architects, engineers, building owners and managers, hospital administrators, and AHJs. You get the most relevant criteria for everything from egress, emergency lighting, and alarms to sprinkler systems, smoke barriers, and special hazard protection.

    Take confidence you are in compliance with your local Life Safety Code

    This vital NFPA publication is designed to assist you in applying and enforcing rules and requirements for life safety specific to your region. The code offers essential information applicable to new and existing structures throughout the life cycle of the building. Text is shaded for your reference to indicate Nebraska changes and additions.

    Help keep your community safe with the life safety code for your region.

    Reference NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, with Nebraska Amendments, for provisions for the design of egress and application of appropriate fire protection equipment and systems to allow for the prompt escape of occupants from buildings or into safe areas. Help protect people in your state by ordering your copy of the 2019 edition today. (Softbound, 1, 483 pp., NFPA 2019)

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