NFPA 101 (2021) and NFPA 99 (2021) Codes and Tabs Toolkit

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    This cost-effective toolkit gives you the latest requirements for life safety and health care occupancies and helps you find the information you need more efficiently.

    Facilities used to administer health care, house patients, and contain specialized electrical equipment have particular risks and vulnerabilities to fire and related hazards. NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code®, and NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code, provide fundamental criteria for helping to protect lives and property in hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, emergency care facilities, and other types of occupancies. Accessing the most current provisions reduces dangers, incidents, and liabilities while helping to ensure facilities are code compliant.

    Get the NFPA resources you need at a 20% discount with this all-in-one bundle.

    The NFPA 101 and NFPA 99 Codes & Tabs Toolkit is a must-have for health care facility owners and managers, hospital administrators, architects, engineers, AHJs, and anyone with concerns for health care building and life safety.

    The set includes:

    • NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, 2021 edition
      Referenced across the US and around the world, NFPA 101 is the definitive source for comprehensive occupant safety strategies and requirements. Content covers everything from hazard protection and means of egress to fire alarm and fire suppression systems. This edition features a variety of important revisions that can impact you in your work.
    • NFPA 101, Life Safety CodeSelf-Adhesive Tabs 2021
      These high-quality, reusable tabs are an indispensable tool for quickly and accurately navigating the code. Just stick NFPA 101 Tabs on the pages you need to reference to save time in the office, while training, and in the field. The set includes 48 tabs to help get you up to speed faster with the latest requirements.
    • NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code, 2021 edition
      Access cutting edge criteria for mitigating fire, explosion, electrical, and related hazards in health care facilities with NFPA 99. The code offers provisions for installations, inspections, performance, testing, maintenance, and safe practices for the broad range of health care environments. Revised for 2021, this document features added sections and requirements, amended procedures, and other significant changes.
    • NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code Self-Adhesive Tabs 2021
      Give your productivity a boost by being able to flip directly to the information you need to help make the right decisions in your work. NFPA 99 Tabs are color-coded for instant identification and correspond to all 16 chapters and four annexes, A through D, of the 2021 edition. Mark sections to keep the content you require at your fingertips.

    Get up to date with these latest editions to help ensure safety and compliance in health care facilities.

    The NFPA 101 (2021) and NFPA 99 (2021) Code & Tabs Toolkit delivers the knowledge you need at an excellent value. Stay on the cutting edge of safety by placing your order.

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