NFPA 1: Fire Code with Massachusetts Amendments

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    527 CMR 1.00 Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code is based on the 2015 edition of NFPA 1: Fire Code.

    Conduct fire and life safety inspections, install and test safety systems and equipment, and protect people and property using 527 CMR 1.00 Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code.

    NFPA 1: Fire Code presents an integrated approach to fire code regulation and hazard management, with extracts from and references to dozens of NFPA® codes and standards. It offers minimum requirements necessary to establish a reasonable level of fire and life safety and property protection from the hazards created by fire, explosion, and dangerous conditions.

    Symbols throughout the fully searchable PDF help you distinguish Massachusetts modifications to NFPA 1: Fire Code language:

    • To distinguish changes, deletions and additions to the 2015 edition of NFPA 1: Fire Code the symbol "MA" appears in the margins of the Code.
    • Paragraphs deleted by the State of Massachusetts are indicated by a strikeout of the text.
    • Paragraphs added by the State of Massachusetts are underlined. 

    Essential for fire marshals, architects, engineers, building owners, and AHJs throughout the State of Massachusetts.

    Communities and jurisdictions throughout the State rely on 527 CMR 1.00 Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code for proven requirements. Available direct from NFPA, the Code source. (PDF, 672 pp., NFPA 2017)


    For Massachusetts Fire Code, (527 CMR 1.00) purposes, this book represents a combination of the base NFPA 1 (2015 Edition) with amendments particular to Massachusetts which were developed by the Massachusetts Board of Fire Prevention Regulations. The effective date of this document is January 1, 2015.

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