2020 NFPA 70, NEC Looseleaf and Handbook Set - Current Edition

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    Be prepared for the challenges of the rapidly growing electrical industry. This NEC® Set from NFPA® includes the looseleaf 2020 NEC and the revised full-color NEC handbook.

    The benchmark standard for electrical safety since 1897, NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code® (NEC®), is continually put through a thorough review process to help ensure it's current with emerging trends, new technologies, and industry practices.

    Get up to date with the latest code for safe residential, commercial, and industrial electrical work and access the most powerful resource for understanding and applying its requirements. This essential NEC set for electrical professionals provides the relevant information and guidance you need to stay safe, help protect lives and property, and perform your job confidently.

    The NEC looseleaf and handbook set bundles two crucial resources for electrical safety. The set includes:

    NEC looseleaf, 2020 edition – The recently revised and expanded NEC offers state of the art requirements for safe and effective electrical design, installation, and inspection in all work environments. The durable looseleaf format is a performance-boosting product for busy electricians looking for an ideal solution for referencing the code in the field. The looseleaf format features a sturdy, protective cover and five-ring binder in which you can add or remove pages and insert technical information, tables, and other content you require for any electrical project within relevant sections of the code. (Looseleaf, 901 pp., 2020)

    NEC handbook, 2020 edition – The NEC handbook offers expert insight and guidance in understanding and applying the NEC. This essential companion book to the NEC features hundreds of pictures and visual learning aids, commentary positioned in-line with the NEC text, a Summary of Technical Changes table, cross-reference features, and Informative Annexes. Use the included NEC index to reference the sections of the code you need quickly. (Print, 1,388 pp., 2020)

    Work safer and smarter with the NEC looseleaf and handbook set.

    The world is always changing, so it's crucial to stay current with the latest provisions for safer and more effective electrical work. Place your order for the NEClooseleaf and handbook set.

  • Historical Editions

    Previous editions of NFPA® documents are available for sale. Please see applicable NFPA codes and standards product pages to confirm which editions are available for purchase. If you have any questions, contact NFPA Customer Support at 1-800-344-3555 or nfpa.org/customerservice.

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