2020 NEC Handbook and IAEI NEC Analysis of Changes Toolkit

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    Access the NEC® along with essential resources for understanding and applying requirements and analyzing changes to the 2020 edition while saving 20% off the total price!

    NFPA 70®National Electrical Code® (NEC), is used throughout the United States and around the globe for comprehensive requirements for electrical installations and inspections in all different settings. With the release of the significantly revised 2020 edition, it is crucial electricians, contractors, engineers, inspectors, and decision-makers get up to speed with cutting edge information and identify and understand changes that can influence job performance and safety.

    The NEC 2020 Handbook and IAEI NEC Analysis of Changes Toolkit helps shorten the learning curve for getting current with the code.

    The NEC is reviewed and updated every three years to keep pace with the evolving electrical industry and account for cutting-edge practices, trends, and technology. This exclusive bundle from NFPA® is designed to make it easier to get familiar with the new edition and prepare for recent changes that could have an impact on the job.

    The toolkit includes:

    • NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC) Handbook, 2020 edition provides the complete NEC text for quick and convenient reference to requirements for safe and effective electrical work along with expert commentary and informative exhibits to provide deeper insight into the code. The updated handbook offers a narrative interpretation that helps increase comprehension and clarifies concepts of new and revised 2020 content ranging from safety for workers and communication systems to limited energy and electric vehicles.
    • IAEI NEC Analysis of Changes highlights and explains edited, expanded, and reorganized content in the NEC, 2020 edition. Co-published by NFPA and the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI), the book provides summaries of hundreds of the most critical changes. It also includes colorful illustrations, code excerpts, explanatory language, and reference information to help you gain a deeper understanding of changes and the reasoning behind them.

    Make sure you are aware of the latest provisions and NEC changes that can affect your work and safety.

    The NEC 2020 Handbook and IAEI NEC Analysis of Changes Toolkit helps you more accurately and efficiently prepare for the hazards and challenges of the modern electrical landscape. Place your order today!

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