Keep Kids Active Set

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Item #: FPWST10
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    Help get kids off the computer and all-in on having fun learning vital lessons in fire safety and prevention with this specially priced set.

    Homeschooling and remote learning are on the rise, leaving educators searching for ways to continue to deliver effective lessons capable of informing and engaging children. The Keep Kids Active Set provides a full complement of materials to get young ones off the computer and engrossed in activities that teach ways to prevent fires and how to prepare for and respond in an emergency.

    Kids love to learn about fire safety when they are having a good time. This cost-effective set has everything you need to send the right messages to preschool and grade-level audiences in your school or community.

    Save 20% when you bundle these favorite activity books and supplies for children.

    The Keep Kids Active Set is an economical choice for stocking up on handouts and goodies to distribute during the school year and over the holiday break. What better way to encourage kids to take the lead in fire safety than with NFPA® products featuring our lovable official mascot, Sparky the Fire Dog®.

    The set includes:

    • Kids Awesome Activity Books – The name says it all with these activity books that are a great way to start conversations about preventing and surviving fires in the home. Kids Awesome Activity Books are jam-packed with games, puzzles, and interesting facts children are enthusiastic about learning and sharing with family and friends.
    • Sparky® Crayons – This one-of-a-kind crayon set features a special safety message from Sparky on the box and four vibrant colors in Fire Engine Red, Caution Yellow, Safety Green, and Water Blue. Kids can use them to complete their activities and for creating pictures inspired by what they learn.
    • Fun With Home Escape Planning Booklets – These colorful and inviting booklets focus on critical lessons around planning and practicing your home fire escape route. Children learn core fundamentals, such as always knowing two ways out, through a variety of games and activities.
    • Sparky's Coloring Books – The perfect giveaway for preschool and early-grade schoolers, this 16-page coloring book is an excellent way to keep little hands busy. Young ones get a kick out of coloring in the drawings, shapes, and "Critter Club" characters while learning about fire safety essentials such a what sound a smoke alarm makes and how to respond if you hear a beep.
    • Color Changing Mood Pencils – Kids get a thrill out of these irresistible "magic" pencils that change color by the heat from your hands. Include Color Changing Mood Pencils in the lesson plan to win over young audiences and get them excited about completing their activities.
    • Sparky's Stuff To Do Booklets – There's always something fun to do when Sparky the Fire Dog is on the scene. These booklets include 12 pages of puzzles, coloring, and other activities that keep kids entertained and engaged.

    Don't let the challenges of holding live events and connecting online stand in the way of your fire safety education initiatives.

    With children spending more time than ever at home and on the computer, it's an ideal time to give them activities that help stimulate thought and creativity and teach crucial safety lessons. Take advantage of this special offer and order your Keep Kids Active Sets today. (QTY: 30 Kid's Awesome Activity Books, 30 Sparky Crayons, 30 Fun With Home Escape Planning Booklets, 30 Coloring Books, 100 Color Changing Mood Pencils, 30 Sparky's Stuff To Do Booklets)

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