Updated 2023 Home Smoke Alarms Brochures

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    Smoke Alarms Help Save Lives by Providing Early Warning So You Can Get Outside Quickly. Learn How to Choose, Install, and Maintain Them.

    Smoke alarms that are properly installed and maintained play a vital role in reducing home fire deaths and injuries. In fact, roughly 60% of fire deaths happened in homes where smoke alarms were either not present or not working. Arm yourself with practical smoke alarm knowledge to help ensure your alarms work when needed.

    These informative smoke alarm brochures are packed with practical tips that are easy to understand and remember and provide important rules for using these early warning devices, including:

    • Choosing the right alarms
    • How to prevent and stop nuisance alarms
    • The proper types of alarms to install in the home for the best protection
    • Helpful tips for installation and placement of smoke alarms
    • Properly testing and maintaining smoke alarms
    • How to recognize when the battery is low
    • When to replace smoke alarms

    Order yours today and spread the importance of smoke alarm knowledge in your community! (Adult, Package of 100)

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