Home Fire Prevention for Adults and Seniors Set

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    Engage adults in your community with actionable information and strategies for improving home fire safety from NFPA®.

    Reaching children during Fire Prevention Week™ (FPW™) and beyond is a significant focus for departments and educators, but it is only half the battle. It's critical to involve adults and seniors in learning how to help protect against fires and related hazards around the home, especially in the kitchen.

    The Home Fire Prevention for Adults and Seniors Set helps keep the lessons of 2020 FPW alive and relevant throughout the year. Support your community education programs with this collection of powerful resources bundled together for significant savings.

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    With in-person FPW activities having been limited in many areas this past October, it's crucial to continue to help ensure lessons around this year's campaign theme, "Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen!™" make it into homes.

    This all-in-one Set includes the following materials you can distribute to adults in your area:

    Fire Prevention Week Adult Brochures – From installing and testing smoke alarms to planning and practicing your escape plan, these easy-to-read brochures help drill home the basics of cooking safety. Clear and practical messaging empowers adults of all ages to take a more prominent role in safeguarding the home from fires and related dangers.

    Fire Prevention Week Newsletters – What better way to raise awareness about the risks of cooking as a primary cause of home fires than with the FPW Newsletters? The colorful, user-friendly format is ideal for presenting simple, understandable strategies for helping to prevent fires that originate in the kitchen.

    Cooking Tip Sheets – There are few more economical or effective tools for supporting fire safety in the home than the NFPA Cooking Tip Sheet. Updated for 2020, these tear-off sheets are an ideal handout for all your live and virtual events.

    Provide adults with the knowledge to have a positive impact on cooking and fire safety.

    The Home Fire Prevention for Adults and Seniors Set offers everything you need to reach mature audiences with life-saving NFPA educational materials. Order today and save big off the regular price of purchasing these products individually. (Qty: 25 FPW Adult Brochures, 25 FPW Newsletters, 25 Cooking Tip Sheets)

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