Home Fire Prevention Kids and Young Adult Set

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    Capture the enthusiasm of Fire Prevention Week™ all year long with this NFPA® set built for engaging youth audiences.

    The Home Fire Prevention Kids and Young Adult Set features a combination of giveaways and educational products you can use to enhance all of your live and virtual events. The set is an ideal way to emphasize fire safety for holiday cooking. The information and excitement provided by this set of NFPA materials help deliver lessons that last a lifetime.

    This economical NFPA set saves you 20% off the regular price!

    The ability to generate genuine interest around fire prevention among children can have a pervasive impact on public safety. The Home Fire Prevention Kids and Young Adult Set features a collection of popular products young audiences can learn from and have fun with.

    The set includes:

    • Fire Safety in the Kitchen Kid's Activity Booklets – These entertaining booklets offer easy to follow lessons for identifying and avoiding hazards while cooking. Kids can join Sparky the Fire Dog® in the kitchen to complete educational activities such as the "What's Hot and What's Not" guessing game, building a "kid-free" zone around the stove, and more.
    • Cooking Tip Sheets – This list of cooking safety essentials offers smart strategies for avoiding potential incidents and injuries in the kitchen. These 8.5" x 11" tear-off pads provide a cost-effective way to provide children and adults with fundamentals they can learn and share with their families and put into effect in their homes.
    • Sparky® Stickers – Always a favorite for young audiences and age-groups, Sparky Stickers are a great way to help ensure the focus on fire prevention sticks around. These inexpensive giveaways feature everyone's favorite fire safety mascot, Sparky®, and promotes the sparky.org website for resources for helping to protect your community from fire and related dangers.
    • Fire Safety in the Kitchen Magnets – Every spot where a Fire Safety in the Kitchen Magnet is placed acts like a mini-billboard promoting the lessons of fire safety in the kitchen. These high-quality, full-color magnets display key messages every family should keep front of mind on the refrigerator, metal cabinets, whiteboards, or wherever you stick them.

    Be prepared to teach and engage children in preventing cooking-related fires and injuries in the home with this special offer from NFPA.

    Get the products you need to support your department, school, or organization's educational programs. Place an order for the Home Fire Prevention Younger Adult Set at a 20% discount. (Qty: 100 Cooking Tip Sheets, 100 Fire Safety in the Kitchen Kid's Activity Booklets, 100 Sparky Stickers, 100 Fire Safety in the Kitchen Magnets)

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