Flammable Refrigerants Safety Training—Fire Service Edition Online Training

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    The self-paced online training course Flammable Refrigerants Safety Training—Fire Service Edition* by NFPA® teaches the fire service how to help safely deal with emergency situations involving refrigeration and cooling systems utilizing flammable refrigerants. Upon completing the program, students will receive a certificate for their successful completion.

    The ongoing push toward sustainability of refrigeration and cooling systems will increase the use of low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants to meet the shift in environmental regulations. To help the fire service handle the unique challenges presented by these new refrigerants, NFPA has developed the Flammable Refrigerants Safety Training course. In approximately one hour, this self-paced program effectively trains students through engaging videos, animations (including 3D animations), simulations, and review missions.

    The dynamic online curriculum covers:

    • Introduction to refrigerants, including types and terminology
    • Background and history
    • Where refrigerants may be found
    • Hazards associated with flammable refrigerants
    • Emergency response tactics

    These concepts are taught through the use of highly interactive learning modules, which include videos, graphics, 3D animations, simulations, and data review missions.

    Upon completion of the four modules you should be able to:

    • Describe why the new generation of refrigerants have been developed.
    • Identify where flammable refrigerants are likely to be found in residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation contexts.
    • Describe the main hazards presented by the new generation of refrigerants (toxicity, flammability, pressure release).
    • Relate the refrigerant charge size to the level of risk.
    • Evaluate the hazards present in a particular situation involving flammable refrigerants.
    • Adapt response tactics to mitigate consequences from refrigerants in different types of emergencies.

    A built-in learning management system lets you exit the program at any time, return where you left off, and repeat any section, so you can maximize time and schedule training around professional demands.

    Demonstrate your proficiency in course content by completing a series of knowledge checks at the conclusion of each training module and final review missions. Pass these reviews and earn your Certificate of Attendance from NFPA.


    Who Will Benefit:
    Fire service personnel who may respond to incidents involving refrigeration and cooling systems.

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